Nice People at Tri Mandir Ahmedabad

Today I stopped at a beautiful temple which was constructed by the followers of Dada Bhagwan (Lord of the whole universe). The sect was started by A.M. Patel, who professed he received enlightenment in 1958 while sitting on a railway station bench in Surat, Gujarat. This one hour epiphany supplied him with all the answers to all of life’s big questions, like: who is God?, why am I here?, who created the world?, what is karma?, who oversees the management of the world?
This sect believes their philosophy and their manner of worship can bring happiness and enlightenment to all those that take part. Their aim is to provide permanent happiness to all those that follow them. They claim this can be done within two hours. I’m not here to editorialize so I won’t give you my opinion on this.
I met some very nice and seemingly happy people at this temple.
They also have a nice cafe for lunch.
This sect has mandirs (temples) all over the world and one under construction in New Jersey. Their official website is:






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