Gandhi Ashram Leaves Me Spellbound

GEToday I took a cab to the Gandhi Ashram, a beautiful site where Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba lived from 1930 to 1933, when the British led government seized the property. Gandhi vowed to return to the ashram when India’s freedom was won, but sadly he was assassinated just 5.5 months after the August 15, 1947 Independence.
The site covers 6 acres and includes the home where Gandhi and his wife lived, some buildings where Gandhi arranged farming and animal husbandry classes, and a wonderful museum and library staffed with scholarsGEGEGEGEGEGEGEGE, consisting of 35,000 books, writings, and letters of Gandhi ji.
Located on the side of the Sabamati River, the prayer site is a shaded sandy area where Gandhi would take questions and offer prayers morning and evening. Personally, I could still feel Gandhi’s feet in that sand as I walked where one of the greatest proponents of non-violent protest had also walked.
Some Indians I have spoken to have no kind words for Gandhi. They feel he gave away too much of India in the quest for Independence.
Whatever you have to say about Gandhi’s role in the political process of Partition, at least you have to acknowledge that his non-violent tactics saved India a great deal of bloodshed. He is one of my personal heroes for his peaceful ways of protesting.
The official site of Gandhi Ashram is:


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