Traffic and People Watching

I’m back in New Delhi. I’m staying at Arpit Palace in Karol Bagh. I’m near the Karol Bagh Metro station so there’s a lot of people outside, catching rides from cabs, auto rickshaws, and peddle rickshaws. I am just gazing out the window at the mid-afternoon traffic. In just ten minutes I have seen a little bit of everything!
I’ve seen families of 5 on motorbikes. Only the driver wearing a helmet. Oh, there’s a family of 4 on a bicycle rickshaw. That poor guy is struggling to peddle them. The traffic on the main road is quite heavy, but still I’ve seen oxcarts and an elephant being driven amongst the cars, motorbikes, scooters and auto rickshaws. An elephant in Delhi traffic? hahaha
The Sikhs won their right to ride their motorbikes without helmets, to accommodate their turbans. They look smashing in their lavender and pink shirts and matching turbans.
The delivery trucks are tiny, considering the massive population here. Some industrious fellows have converted auto rickshaws into delivery vehicles. Bicycle rickshaws are also being used for deliveries. Here comes one with 5 huge white bags piled high on it. There appears to be no regulations on what can carry loads on the highways here. There are also a lot of overloaded trucks, etc.
They’re supposed to drive on the left here but normally the streets look like they are one way with vehicles driving all over the road, attempting to pass. The best vehicle for this traffic is a government vehicle. They have a special horn and light that requires others to make way for them.
People don’t seem to worry too much about bumps and scratches on their vehicles. There’s a guy with a sign announcing “Bumper Repair” right below me and I’ve seen him repair about 4 bumpers today.
As chaotic as all of this is, they are still fiddling with their phones, just like back at home.
Stray dogs don’t seem to worry at all as they walk slowly across the street or lay down in the road to take a nap. It amazes me that animals are avoided so well in all of this traffic, while it becomes a real chore for a pedestrian to cross the road.
It’s also nice to see good friends of the same sex holding each other’s hands, arms draped around shoulders, and riding motorbikes together. Friends are like brothers here. If you grew up with them they always remain close to you.


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