The Palm Reader’s Report

While in Chandigarh I was lucky enough to be visiting the Singhs when a relative from New York showed up. He was an interesting man and as a serious hobby he reads palms. I say serious because the man carries a small flashlight in his pocket…hahaha.
He delights in telling people what he sees on their palms. Indians put a lot of confidence in palm readers and astrologers and I am trying to understand why. This year I have consulted both and my skepticism is vanishing slowly.
First the Palm Readers comments. His first comment after viewing my palm was “this is a very unusual palm. There are some very rare and strong lines that indicate that you should be a famous leader or politician, someone people place great faith in. Secondly, and even more alarming is that “one day you will be praying to God to die!” I gasped! Why did you say that? Sickness worries, etc ran through my mind. He replied “I see no end to your life line. According to this palm you will live forever and since that’s not possible I am telling you that you will be well beyond 100 years old when you finally die. I often thought this myself since both my grandmothers lived very long lives. He verified my feelings.
He told me I had been married two times. Yes, he is counting the Indian marriage that never got consumated. I don’t normally count that one since I never lived with the man or was intimate with him. The good news is that I will marry again and he thinks soon. He says next year will be the happiest year of my life. Wowwww!! Bring it on. I am sure ready for that!
He said something happened in my childhood that keeps me from being able to accept love. So he also was able to see that I grew up with a violent father, which makes me worry that every man can be that way. I know that they aren’t. But my worst fear is finding myself with a man like that and having to live the life my mother has.
And he also showed me my worry lines and there were many of them. Those lines come from spending so much time alone. I learned how to worry from my mother. I expected those lines to be there. No one, except a long-term single person, can understand the worries I’ve had. I also know worrying doesn’t solve problems and can sometimes create fears that are unfounded.
I’ve been on a spiritual quest for years and one of the things that impedes spiritual growth are fears. I’ve conquered all my fears except the fear of heights, violent men and of fire. Three grown men tried to force me out the open door of a skydiving plane in Nevada and I was able to resist them. The adrenalin kicked in and just wouldn’t let me do it. (Hahaha Reminds me of the episode just before I had my tonsils removed as a kid. Took about that many nurses to give me the first anesthesia injection.) I digress.
So that was my palm reading report. I’ve decided my affinity for younger males must be ok since I now know I’ll live beyond 100..hahaha.


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