The Astrologers Advice

Astrology is an ancient science which allows predictions to be made from the alignment of the stars at ones birth. Prior to my trip to India I was approached by a professional astrologer from Ambala, in Haryana state. With great skepticism and a lot of curiosity I listened to his advice and decided to follow his instructions. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I decided that nothing bad could come of it.
Maybe he could really help me with my biggest problem: finding a long term mate. My post-divorce period has lasted 26 years. I never thought I’d be alone this long and never wanted to be but life played out differently. I’ve had a few long term boyfriends, all younger and not marriage minded. Astro Sir immediately concentrated on the last of the boyfriends and said I must cleanse myself of him. He described in great detail the last intimacy I had with this person and that convinced me that there was definitely something to this astrology stuff. It was as if he were watching a video of the two of us.
He set up some tasks for me to help me cleanse myself. Cleansing myself, the astrologer said, was important because this person didn’t love me and had taken the love I had for him and taken advantage of me. He had made me dirty. I can’t talk about the tasks that were given to me. I can only say that some were simple and some were very hard and required assistance from others. Thank God I have friends that are willing to help me find the happiness and long-term partner that I want.
Astro says I will find this partner by the end of this year. I quizzed him several times. Are you sure it’s the end of this year or within twelve months? The end of the year was the answer. I am in India until the end of this year so I am assuming this person will be Indian, although maybe it could be a fellow traveler.
He also says that he thinks my partner will be significantly younger than me. I was surprised when the Astro said that, since I had not told him that my recent boyfriend-like friendships have all been with a large age gap.
Now I am waiting. It’s the first of November. We will see where this ends up. Pray for me!


One thought on “The Astrologers Advice

  1. I swore by Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs as a teenager but wasn’t really one to promote it. I feared sometimes that it shaped me more than my true self was reflected in the writings. A year ago, I discovered Theosophy and later Anthroposophy. I finally found my spiritual home in these.uber serious Ancient Wisdom teachings. One of the most amazing things to me is how seriously astrology is taken in these traditions. I finally got my chart done and through it, I understand now so much more about myself. That being said, it can be a mistake to allow its daily predictions to drive me, my most trusted esoteric astrologist friend tells me. So, I try to limit myself to reading my daily horoscope on by Holiday Mathis.

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