Just Passed My 30 Day Mark

In the past I’ve always stayed in India for only 30 days. This year I am experimenting with a longer stay. Will I be happy in India for a longer term? My dream is to live 6 months per year in India, but can I do it?
I admit I’ve done this trip a bit wrong. In an effort to see some new places and have material for my blog I am moving around a lot more than I really want to. The baggage restrictions on domestic flights make it very difficult to be a tourist here. The only accept 30 kgs, so I am constantly repacking and leaving more items with friends. Thank goodness I do have friends here.
The next time I do this I will pick 2 locations and rent a proper apartment for 3 months in each spot. Then I will have cooking facilities and begin to feel more like I am settled here.
Chandigarh will be one of the spots. It’s my favorite city in all of India due to its well-designed roads, its beautiful scenery, and the great friends I have there. I also like the smaller size of the city and the lack of traffic. Who knows, I may wind up spending all six months there.
I have eaten only about three non-veg entrees, other than eggs, in the last month. Even at home I don’t eat a lot of meat. Last night I splurged and had some delicious fish curry. I haven’t suffered any stomach problems so far. I’ve been very careful to use bottled water, even to brush my teeth.
I’m also missing my car. It’s so easy at home to jump in the car and go get what I need. Here I have to plan it out, so that I use cabs/autoricks as little as possible.
The hotels I’ve stayed in so far haven’t had good, reliable internet access so the next time I come I will have to bring a smart phone. It’s frustrating not being able to check bank balances, get email, and phone my friends and family on Skype.
I haven’t seen a nail salon like we have back home. Hopefully I am just missing it, because I must have a pedicure soon. I’ll also need to highlight my hair in mid-December, which is something I have never done myself.
I had some new glasses made with my doctor’s prescription from home. I also had prescription sunglasses made, which always seemed like a luxury to me. India was so reasonable I could afford both.
I came back to Delhi with a stuffy nose and some cold symptoms. My friends have made sure I had ginger teas and a proper diet to recover. One of them even bought me a steamer and gave me an ayurvedic oil head massage.
I have such good friends here! I was feeling uncomfortable on the overnight train from Himachal Pradesh. They put me in a berth with a middle-aged man who kept commenting on how beautiful I was. I texted a friend to ask him what to do and he said “get off the train, I’ll drive you to Delhi.” I protested but he insisted so he drove me 4 hrs to Delhi and returned back to Ludhiana that day. He cheerfully drove over 8 hrs to get me back to Delhi safely. You can’t ask for better friends than these!


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