A Little Bit Of Heaven In The Himalayas: Gandhi’s Paradise

Restaurant and Karaoke/Billiards Hall

Restaurant and Karaoke/Billiards Hall

Paneer Tikka from the Tandoor Oven

Paneer Tikka from the Tandoor Oven

The Glass Slipper (built into every room's walls)

The Glass Slipper (built into every room’s walls)

The first thing that struck me about Gandhi’s Paradise Hotel was the beautiful view from my large window and balcony. The hotel hangs off the side of a mountain and faces Bhagsu Nag (ancient Lord Shiva’s temple) and the everflowing waterfall of McLeod Ganj. There are two very large mountains with a high peak beyond them. I’m visiting in late October so the distant peak has a dusting of snow and it casts a magical spell on me. When I inquired about that mountain I was told the story of Lord Hanumana, the monkey God, resting on that mountain while bringing the Sanjeevnee Buti (plant) to save the life of Luxmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama in the battle with Ravna. This story can be read about in full in the holy book The Ramayana, one of the Hindu faith’s vedic epics. I knew there was something very special about that peak!
Situated above McLeod Ganj, an easy 15 min walk to the market and centrally located between the settlements of McLeod Ganj, Bhagsu Nag, and Dharamkot, it’s the ideal choice for a place to stay in this area. They have an exceptional restaurant with veg and non-veg choices. They also encourage the guests to interact with bonfires on the roof, karaoke, and sometimes a live band.
By far the best thing about this hotel is the guy that owns it and his amazing customer service. His name is Sanjeev Gandhi and this hotel is obviously his vision and his baby. He leads by example and has trained his staff to be attentive and take exceptional care of the guests.
I was unlucky and caught a cold and he checked on me daily, offered to get medicine from town, and made sure I knew what food items would and wouldn’t help me recover. I loved the ginger teas and hot and sour soups that were sent to my room. When I began to feel better he arranged a great one day tour of the area and offered the hotel van and driver for the day. On my final day I arranged an ayurvedic massage through the spa that is affiliated with the hotel. Ahhhhhh!!! What a wonderful stay at a wonderful place.
After extending my stay an additional day, I regretfully had to move on. I will certainly return to McLeod Ganj and when I do I’ll be staying at Sanjeev’s “Gandhi’s Paradise.”


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