One Day When God Spoke To Me

The Women That Approached Me

The Women That Approached Me

I was at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. I had just arrived and was walking among the throngs of people, looking for a place to sit down and peacefully meditate.

A group of women and children approached me. They were wrapped in the simple shawls of villagers. The eldest woman said “you look like a holy figure to us.” I was embarrassed by their attention and didn’t know what to say. I smiled and said thank you and walked away.

I found my spot and sat down to meditate. I was there about 45 minutes, eyes closed in deep meditation. Suddenly I hear this deep voice. “Go find those women and tell them we are ALL holy figures.”
I was shocked and surprised and even tried arguing with the voice. I said they must be long gone by now. How would I ever find them among all these thousands of people? Remember, they feed 10,000 or more a day at the Golden Temple!
Again I heard the voice. “I said, go find those women and give them my message.” Goosebumps ran all over me. I was not about to try arguing again.
I stood up and turned around.

Those same women were walking toward me, only 15 feet away! I couldn’t believe it. Why were they back?

They approached me and said, “we came back to take a photo with you before we go.” “Wonderful” I said, but I also have a message for you! “I was just told to tell you that we are ALL holy figures.” They were so full of joy when I delivered the message.

“Let’s take your picture. Where’s your camera?” I said. “We don’t have a camera.” Strange. What did they want?

“Well then, I will take a picture with my camera.” I smiled and said. We had a stranger take the picture, then I said “Let me email you a copy. What’s your email?” Again they gave me a strange answer. They said “We don’t have any email.” I was so sorry I couldn’t get the photo to them, we hugged and they walked away happy.

I think these women were holy women themselves and they wanted ME to have a photo with THEM, in order for me to remember this day…the day God spoke to me at the Golden Temple.


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