My Discovery of Khajuraho

India never fails to surprise me.  Nothing has surprised me more than the carvings on the temples of Khajuraho.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.  After all, India is the land of the Kama Sutra.  Still, finding sexual images carved into the temples in Khajuraho, was a shock.  These weren’t just couples either.  The pictures depicted group sex, homosexual sex and beastiality too.  Just looking at those images embarrassed me…hahaha. Here’s a video that I found on YouTube.  You’ll see what I’m talking about! (The tabla drum playing you hear on this video must be the world famous Zakir Hussein.  I have never heard anyone else play the tablas like that.  He’s the master of tablas.) My guide around the temples was a man named Anand.  He looked to be more than 50 yrs old. Maybe he wasn’t an Indian government guide, but he told me he had been working there since he was young.  Anand also surprised me.  I’ll tell you about that in another story.

He wasn’t what you would call professional looking but he knew the history quite well and he laughed at me when I put my hands over my eyes and screamed “What’s spiritual about this?”  I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Anand. I just couldn’t get over seeing erotic carvings like this on a temple.  Anand reminded me that sexual relations are a spiritual thing too.  I had to concede that he was right. I still think some of what I saw was perverse.  I hope you believe me when I say I am not normally a judgmental person, but that was tested in Khajuraho. These images were sculpted between 950-1150 AD and depict the tantric sexual practices of the people at that time.  They also depict everyday life of the farming areas where they are located and bosomy ladies frolicking around the house. Be sure not to miss the show that is given every night on the temple grounds.  It helps explain the history and philosophy behind the temples and the sculptures. Tantric sex was practiced by followers of Shiva and concentrates on the Shakti or the chakra devoted to sexual energy.  Even today tantric yoga, or kundalini yoga, is quite popular in India and all over the globe.  Several yogis have set up ashrams in and around Khajuraho to teach these techniques.  The Indians I met there said to be wary of these yogis because they can sometimes be quite promiscuous. I’m glad I heard their warning. I met one of these swamis online and I went by his ashram to meet him in person.  We had a wonderful meditation.  He really is an excellent teacher.  Even though we had a “friendship only” relationship it was all I could do to thwart his advances.  He was firmly convinced that I was the “female energy” he had been waiting for. (Smile) On the second day I was in Khajuraho, my swami friend Sunish showed up at my door with a saffron robe he had made for me.  He wanted me to be a part of his ashram and help him with his work.  He was quite serious about getting me involved but I declined his offer.  He has since married and hopefully he found the energy he needed to continue with his amazing work.


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