Missing My Flight-Story 1

I normally travel in India during December and January.  That’s the time when the fog gets so dense you can barely see your hand in front of you!

Being in a taxi in this fog is not for the faint-hearted. You don’t know how many times I have found myself praying for a safe arrival in the backseat of a cab.

Once I had a very tight schedule and had booked a plane from Chandigarh to Bangalore, with a stop in Delhi.  The fog was so dense they cancelled the flight to Delhi and I was determined not to wreak havoc with my schedule, so I insisted that Indian Airlines put me in a cab to Delhi so I could catch the last leg of the fight to Bangalore.  Was that ever a mistake!

A young Punjabi cabdriver threw my bags in his cab and took off like Mario Andretti in the densest fog I’d ever seen!  He said “don’t worry mam.  I could drive this road with my eyes closed.”  That was effectively what he was doing!

Along the way we came across an open bed truck that had been overloaded and had flipped over in a curve, a common scene in this country.  Items scattered all over the road.  I said “Please, see how dangerous this is?  Please drive slower.”  He just laughed and turned up the Bhangra dance music.  Every time I would scream “slow down” he would turn it up a little more! I spent the last hour of that trip with my eyes closed…praying.

It was so foggy. I totally missed driving through Delhi whenhe announced that we were at the airport.  I was shaking like a leaf when I tried to stand.  The driver was very pleased with himself and handed me his card.  “If you ever need a personal driver please call me.”

Yeah right, one that doesn’t listen!  Hahaha.  As I walked into the airport I dropped his card in the closest trash bin.


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