Meeting Suresh’s Guruji

Before I left Friends Colony in Haryana we were served a delicious meal by Suresh’s wife at their new home.  Suresh told me his story.  He started out as a milkman, transporting and selling milk on a motorbike.  He saved every rupee he could so that he could fulfill his dream of providing a school for his children and the other village children.  It was an amazing feat to come this far, from a mere milkman, and he was extremely proud of his lovely wife, two daughters, the school and his new home.

After dinner it was time to visit the temple. The temple was a beautiful small building.  The colors reminded me of the terra cotta buildings in our American southwest.  We removed our shoes and entered.

Sitting in meditation, in the back of the room, was their village guru.  It was dark inside so my vision of him wasn’t great.  I could see him sitting in a lotus position and it appeared that he had a turban on his head.  I was afraid we were disturbing his evening meditation but he said to please come in.  He spoke English quite well.  He turned out to be a very friendly guruji and we had a short talk about spiritual matters.

Sureshs Guru

Sureshs Guru

I realized when I moved closer to him that the turban was a large mound of hair braids rolled around his head.  I commented on it and he began unrolling it.  His hair fell all around him.  He had never cut it.  While we were talking he asked if I smoked.  I thought that was an odd question to ask in a temple so I said no.

We had a prayer together and he got up to walk out with us.  He wanted me to meet his dog, a beautiful Siberian husky, that he obviously loved a great deal.  He asked us to come back some day and wished us a safe journey back to Chandigarh.  As we walked away Suresh told me that Guruji had wanted to smoke pot with me. That might have been an interesting experience. Smiles.


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