A Chance Encounter

I have learned after all these years travelling in India to be patient and to “go with the flow.” Many times plans have to be re-arranged due to cancelled flights. I always recommend that you find a local travel agent to help you when you need to quickly re-order your travel schedule. I call Sunita at Travel-Masti or my friend Vinay Kakkar at Visit Beyond in Delhi.

One year I spent the whole day waiting for a flight to take me from Delhi to Amritsar. The day wasn’t totally wasted though. I talked and shared many teas with a rather sharply dressed older gentleman. Tall and stately with a rolled up at the corners, rajput’s mustache. He was a former military man.  He told me many stories about the old days in India. He was an interesting person and enjoyed a laugh as much as I do, so I enjoyed his company immensely. About 4 PM someone in the waiting area recognized him as a Bollywood actor and almost immediately we were surrounded by a crowd.

I guess he was used to the intrusions because he seemed to take it in stride. He began performing some magic tricks for the children which seemed to calm everyone down a bit.

It was a chaotic end to our otherwise enjoyable day. I wish I had gotten his name and number. Normally I would have, but we found ourselves surrounded by that mob!


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